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Perception and Reality

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about the last few weeks.

I like to relate this back to History. Or shall we say written history in the context of who writes it after a war. A good recent example is Vietnam. In the eyes of my country and how we tell the tale, it was something where we saw communist influence coming in, and that if Vietnam was to become fully communist, all of South East Asia to would fall to communist hands. However, now the flip side. The Vietnamese won.... and in their country they tell the tale of us basically not minding our business, invading their country trying to dominate them with our beliefs, culture, and opinions, and the pride they have for being victorious against such a large and wealthy country. Another example might be Germany, had Hitler and his forces succeed and been the victors. How would that have changed how history is told?

The truth of what happens in the world, both on a global and a personal perspective, is really in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes individual. Sometimes group. I’ve been thinking on this a lot in a situation between myself and people I considered close friends. Where thing happened and were said that were either not understood, misconstrued, or there were huge blanks in the story that I can’t say I understand. So again, this is my perspective... The one coming from my area of the universe. In one case I have no understanding of why one of the people involved was angry in the first place. In another I wasn’t sure why the person became upset as to why things were said. On my end I know what I was feeling and thinking... though what it appeared to be to others? I can speculate only on that one. I can’t know. Especially since they refused to talk to me about it while it was happening, and through that directly I chose to end one of the friendships. The other I ended (in part) because though we tired to talk about things, I felt in a position that my voice wasn’t being heard... that when I went to listen to their reality, what they were thinking, feeling, and opinions on the situation, when I shared my own they were discounted.

Even as I write this again, I do so from the core of my own little corner of the universe. My perspective only. I know that there isn’t blank and white though, an that most everything is in the shades of grey between. Being human we many times lack the ability to rise out and above ourselves to see the bigger picture. To see things from everyone’s perspective. You would think it would be easier with friends and to come from the core of love you share together. Often times it’s not, because in those situations where you truly care, the hurt is even more deep, and you get even more caught up in yourself. And that’s part of the challenge I think in being human, is to learn to still love and understand even in the midst of hurt. In a healthy way, of course... I don’t condone situations where there is true abuse, neglect, or harm being done. And sometimes, like in situations as the one I mentioned, rising above it and gaining perspective, sometimes also leads to closure of the situation and parting from those people in your life. Sometimes temporary, sometimes forever.

Even as I write this I also think of the soul’s truth, the greater truth, the one that weaves in and out from behind the scenes. Those agreements made on the higher planes of reality, where our true selves exist. Where “Lesson plans” are designed. I know in one very painful situation as I was coming into my Psychic gifts and didn’t understand a lot, I know it was part of a larger lesson to move me to where I am now... a catalyst. To make me aware of my make me aware of my gifts so I could learn to use and control them, and to catapult me out of the stagnation I was in. Even though I was hurt very deeply, I’m grateful for it and to him. It truly was one of the most amazing lessons of my life. In the situations above, I still don’t have full clarity on them... some, but not all. Part was to learn to be self-respecting, and to get the karmic lesson placed before me again and again when I’ve been treated poorly and without respect, to say “Enough! My voice and feelings matter too!” rather than try and placate and pacify to keep a friendship, demeaning myself. I know in part it was to break me from the routine, to shake it up a bit. To force me outside the comfort zone, and to bring me to seek my own counsel, to learn more about my gifts and how they work for me personally (being that one of the friends had been a mentor figure). So rather than go and say to someone “What is this?” or “How do I do this?” I now must ask myself. Learn on my own, so I can better do what I do.


March 2013

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