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The other hard thing with this is David. I knew I was losing Betty, that was a choice... It looks like I’ll loose him as well, and my heart is so broken over it. I trusted him. I truly do love them both. However when the chips are down, where are they? David isn’t here. I texted him and told him what was going on. Last night, and all I got was an “I’m sorry.” Later I texted him and said how whenever he needs he, I’m there, even in the middle of the night I don’t say Boo... yet all I get is an “I’m sorry.” My mother could die. My mother. He came to me in the middle of the night because a boy he was dating tried to commit suicide in his bed. I know that was traumatic... but this carries more weight. He called and said he would come... then I never heard from him. Eventually I just called and left a message saying never mind. He called and asked if I was sure. I said Yes. However... Today, not a word. Not to see if she’s okay, or if I am. Sandie made me promise not to call him. Without he, Betty or my Mom, Sandie is my main source of support....my only real close friend/family. I feel so abandoned and lost right now. Like why when they mean so much to me, why am I not important to? Especially when they say I am?

I know these behaviors aren’t friendship... and that’s what’s hurting me so deeply.


I'm sorry to read about what is going on in your life right now. Words fail me but my thoughts are with you and I hope you'll be able to pull through and be strong. Hugs

March 2013

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